London, Victorian England, mid 1800s – and death is all the rage.

As people flocked from their villages to our burgeoning metropolis on the Thames, a mounting pressure on space bought with it mortal rates of pollution, disease and crime. In turn, demand for the fit and proper interment of our dearly departed was sky high. With properties worth more beneath the ground than above it, great enterprise sprung forth like weeds on new graves and private cemeteries opened their gates for business across the capital. Death was IN.

But as with all profit-driven ventures, not every participant was above board.  Amongst many honest undertakers lurked the unscrupulous, those who would stoop to any depth to line their pockets with the fortunes of the dead. And late at night, in the Bone House of Spa-Fields Golgotha, a fire raged for precisely these wicked purposes …

Following in the footprints of the MiLK HaRE, I’d love you to join me for the next grim and ghastly tale of greed and misadventure – The Bone House – a penny dreadful based on true historical events that will be presented for your viewing pleasure in glorious stop-motion animation.